Skeptical about veterinary acupuncture? Get current.


Dr. Janice Huntingford says the literature is clear on acupuncture's pain management benefits.

Do you still think acupuncture is just "strange Chinese medicine"? Veterinary pain management expert Dr. Janice Huntingford is here with a bit of admonishment for not staying current with the literature. Proven benefit has been shown in many studies, including the fact that analgesia induced by acupuncture can be reversed by administering naloxone-yes, the same drug you use to reverse morphine's effects. "So we know that the acupuncture needle and the acupuncture treatment actually induces a state of pain control that would be similar to that with morphine," says Huntingford. Cool stuff! See what cases she turns to this pain management modality for and more evidence of its efficacy.

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