Shelters United to launch beta test for pet adoption app and website


Goal is to provide pet parents essential resources to help pets stay in their new homes

Shelters United, a group purchasing organization that enables animal welfare groups to purchase animal care supplies and products at discounted prices, is releasing a beta test for the Pet Adoption Gateway. According to an organizational release,1 the Pet Adoption Gateway is an app and mobile-friendly website that will offer pet adopters customized support, guidance, and product recommendations, throughout the entire adoption and pet ownership process.

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“Adopters cannot take in all the information needed during the adoption process, so having an app or website to go to in their homes would be very good for them and the adopted pet,” said Mark Neff, president and CEO of Forsyth Humane Society, in the release. “A resource such as this could prevent adoption returns."1

When pet adopters use Pet Adoption Gateway to purchase services, veterinary consults, and supplies, the animal welfare organization that helped facilitate the adoption will receive a portion of the profits.

“Every year, 4 million pets are adopted from animal welfare organizations. New pet owners typically spend between $1,200 and $2,500—for a total of about $5 billion—in the first year, and none of that money goes back to the animal welfare group that did all the work to find the pet a home,” said Mal Schwartz, Shelters United founder. “We're trying to help these organizations maximize their earning power from the products and services that are purchased by every new pet adopter after they leave the shelter, rescue, or foster organization.”1

Currently, 5 corporate partners, including Fear Free (animal health and welfare education and certification), Trupanion (pet insurance), QVC/TTCare (telehealth/AI), Embark (DNA testing), and bSerene (calming care), have provided $500,000 in funding for the beta test of the Pet Adoption Gateway.1 Shelters United is actively looking for more corporate partners for the national program rollout in Q4 2023.

“Fear Free couldn’t be more excited to team up with Shelters United on this important initiative. Providing pet parents with the right tools to set their new furry family member up for success, not only when it comes to their health, but also their emotional wellbeing, can make all the difference,” said Marty Becker, DVM, Fear Free founder and CEO, in the release. “Through the Pet Adoption Gateway, adopters will receive access to elevated Fear Free Happy Homeseducational content that will help them provide their pets with the happiest, healthiest, and fullest lives possible at home, at the vet, and everywhere in between.”

“Bringing home a new pet can be stress-inducing for both the new pet parents and the animal,” said Chuck Latham, CEO of H&C Animal Health, makers of bSerene calming products. “Teaming up with Shelters United means bSerene can provide science-based solutions to help reduce stress for pets, and the Pet Adoption Gateway can ultimately reduce stress for the new pet parents, helping everyone involved feel better.”

Shelters United will include 15 to 21 animal welfare organizations of different sizes in the beta test, which will debut in July.1


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