Setting boundaries that stick at your veterinary practice

San Diego

During an interview at the San Diego Fetch dvm360® conference, Bridget Rollins, EMBA, offered crucial advice when it comes to using communication and emotional intelligence skills to instill boundaries at your workplace.

At the San Diego Fetch dvm360® conference, Bridget Rollins, PhD, EMBA, vice president of operations at Thrive Pet Healthcare, disclosed that in order to have clearly defined boundaries and communication, veterinary professionals must first refine their emotional intelligence and communication skill sets and become an advocate for themselves.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Bridget Rollins, EMBA: I think that setting boundaries partly goes along with communication and the ability to be an advocate for yourself and how you will allow others to communicate with you. So you create those boundaries and you do that through emotional intelligence so in a way, that would be by providing feedback if somebody overstepped or said something that you found offensive.

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