Sensor content! Protect your digital dental X-ray sensor


Use these four hacks to protect that valuable and easily damaged sensor on your veterinary digital dental X-ray machine.

Tip 1: Make sure the pet is at a surgical level of anesthesia before you put the sensor in its mouth. This will help avoid any type of trauma to the sensor.

Tip 2: Use extra protection. While the sensors are usually considered waterproof, it's a good idea to at least use the plastic sleeves the manufacturer provides to cover the sensor on your digital dental X-ray machine. Just remember these sleeves are made out of the same material as Ziploc bags. They can be slippery, and they may not stay in the preferred positioning in the mouth. Some practices use Vetwrap to cover the sensor. Just be aware that it isn't waterproof and it does add bulk to the sensor.

Tip 3: Make your own cover. Here's how. First, place the manufacturer-provided plastic sleeve over the sensor. Next, take a Nitrile glove and cut a finger off the glove. Then stretch it over the top of the sensor. This adds extra protection and a little bit of grip to the sensor so it stays in the mouth, where you want to keep it.


Mary Berg, RVT, VTS (dentistry), owns Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education in Lawrence, Kansas. 

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