Senior wellness: Give em a hand (out)

September 14, 2016

Smooth out senior visits with these client handouts to for before, during and after the appointment.

Once patients reach the senior age bracket their needs change. Help veterinary clients address the sometimes confusing or scary changes that come with this life stage with these handouts.

Keep track of behavioral changes in senior pets

Have clients fill out this behavior questionnaire as they arrive for their appointment to give you and the rest of the team a picture of how the pet is doing at home, and what conditions or symptoms may need to be paid special attention to.

Click here to download this form as a PDF.

Senior wellness report card

While you complete your physical exam, use this wellness report card to paint a full picture of how the pet is doing. Do they seem to have lameness and itchy skin? Mark it down! This will give clients a visual representation all the things their senior pet has going on that they may or may not be aware of.

Click here to download this form as a PDF.

Stress the importance of senior pet care to veterinary clients

Give clients these handouts to help stress how important veterinary care is for senior pets. Encourage them to stay ahead of disease in older pets with wellness exams and preventive diagnostics.

Click here to download the dog handout as a PDF.

Click here to download the cat handout as a PDF.