Sell-side advisory and brokerage firm for veterinary practices


Wicklow Healthcare Advisory was founded by Bill Murray and guides practice owners to ensure a smooth exit process from ownership

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Bill Murray has 25 years of financial experience from the Bank of America Practice Solutions, financing division where he was most recently the senior vice president of the veterinary lending division. Murray wanted to provide more support to independent practice owners, and thus, founded Wicklow Healthcare Advisory to support practice owners with their exit sale strategy. According to a news release,1 Wicklow Healthcare Advisory is an advisory and brokerage firm specializing in the sale, purchase, and valuation of veterinary, dental, and medical practices and is now open for business. The advisory firm is based in Boston, Massachusetts but operates across the United States.

"The current healthcare environment and industry consolidation has brought many challenges but also many opportunities. Veterinarians need a trusted partner to help them navigate the maze of identifying and then acting on their practice exit strategy. We look forward to helping practice owners get the most value from their practice and find the best partner for the next stage of their life," said Bill Murray, founder and CEO of Wicklow Healthcare Advisory, in the release.1

Wicklow is a full-service advisory firm that shares an expert opinion on the best sales target and whether that means selling to another doctor or a corporate buyer. Wicklow Healthcare Advisory services include:1

  • Practice Valuation: Wicklow can assess the market worth of each practice and provide specialized plans for owner departure.
  • Sell-side Advisory / Traditional Business Brokerage Services: Wicklow can handle putting the practice up for sale and directly reaching out to potential buyers within the company’s own network of contacts.
  • Buyer Representation: Owners looking to buy a practice can also use Wicklow services for deal evaluation, financial analysis, and due diligence, and more.

To learn more about what a veterinary-focused advisor can bring to your hospital sale, read Murray’s article on the value this role has for your business needs.


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