Schwarzman Animal Medical Center honors 2023 veterinary interns and residents


Celebrating the graduation of its 59th class of veterinary interns and residents

The Stephen & Christine Schwarzman Animal Medical Center (AMC) celebrated the graduation of its 59th class of veterinary interns and residents in a ceremony at The Alfred H. Caspary Auditorium at Rockefeller University on June 29, 2023. According to a release from AMC,1 the 2023 graduating class consists of 30 veterinarians, 8 specialty interns, and 10 residents. AMC has now taught over 2,500 postgraduate veterinarians since 1963.

Photo courtesy of AMC.

Photo courtesy of AMC.

“My heartfelt congratulations to AMC’s 2023 graduates,” said Helen M. Irving, RN, MBA, president and CEO of AMC in the release. “We are immensely proud of their accomplishments, and the dedication with which they have cared for their patients is unmatched. It is exciting to see them move forward and become true leaders in their chosen areas of practice.”1

Internship Class

“AMC’s 1-year Internship Program is designed to reinforce, extend, and refine clinical skills and enhance diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. Interns rotate through more than 20 specialties and services, working with a diverse and varied caseload and a high level of support from AMC’s board-certified veterinary specialists.”1

The graduates of AMC’s 59th Internship Class are: Dr. Mario Alan Barenas; Dr. Remington Xavier Chan; Dr. Helen Mingwen Chen; Dr. Lisa Hanni Dourmashkin; Dr. Hannah E. Durick; Dr. Adriana Emiliano; Dr. Alexandra Fuller; Dr. Jacqueline Fusco; Dr. Tristan Patrick Hackney; Dr. Jeilene Nicole Hambly; Dr. Rachel Hanford; Dr. Sarah Hessen-Schmidt; Dr. Jill Huynh; Dr. Sophie Jane Karchemskiy; Dr. Meghan Elizabeth Keefe; Dr. Robin Isobel Lampron; Dr. Bianca Grace Landfield; Dr. Brynna Alysse Lee; Dr. Kendall O. Leet-Otley; Dr. Daniela C. Leuthold; Dr. Jayden C. Li; Dr. Freddy J. Maza; Dr. Kelly M. Muller ;Dr. Kwamina S. Otseidu; Dr. Lauren O’Mara; Dr. Trevor Xavier Pereyda; Dr. Nicole Karin Reuter; Dr. Jamie Sebastian; Dr. Laura Tran; Dr. Elizabeth Waskover

Specialty Interns

“The AMC Specialty Internship Program provides advanced training for veterinarians who, following a general internship year, elect to complete a 1-year focused internship under the guidance of board-certified veterinarians in a particular specialty.”1

The graduates of this year’s AMC Specialty Internship Program are:

  • Dr. Julie H. Choi, Cardiology
  • Dr. Shana R. Coffey, Surgery
  • Dr. Agnes Galej, Avian & Exotics
  • Dr. Rachel P. Mandelbaum, Anesthesia & Pain Management
  • Dr. Michelle T. Nguyen, Cardiology
  • Dr. Natalie Swieton, Interventional Radiology
  • Dr. Betsy Wong, Neurology
  • Dr. Margaret Wong, Oncology


“AMC’s Residency Program is a focused, 3-year course of study to prepare veterinarians for board certification and expertise in their chosen specialty. The program draws upon the expertise and knowledge of AMC’s board-certified specialists and the diverse, varied caseload that comes with accommodating nearly 55,000 patient visits a year. AMC Residents conduct original research and benefit from participation at conferences, rounds, and seminars and partnerships with established research institutions, such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, NYU Langone Health, Weill Cornell Medicine, and The Rockefeller University.”1

The graduates of the AMC Residency Program are:

  • Dr. Brittani Dawn D’Amico, Neurology
  • Dr. Danielle M. Hudak, Oncology
  • Dr. Masha Roman, Surgery
  • Dr. Michael J. Sahagian, Emergency & Critical Care
  • Dr. Amit Sidhu, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Dr. Rebecca Smith, Emergency & Critical Care
  • Dr. Iris To, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Samantha Yinyi Wong, Integrative & Rehabilitative Medicine
  • Dr. Samantha Yeh, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr. Kailee Anne Zornow, Internal Medicine


Schwarzman Animal Medical Center celebrates 59th graduating class of veterinary interns and residents. News release. Schwarzman Animal Medical Center. Published June 30, 2023. Accessed July 5, 2023.

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