A sampling catheter hack

August 3, 2016
Kenichiro Yagi, MS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)

Kenichiro Yagi, MS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM), practices at Adobe Animal Hospital in California as an ICU and Blood Bank Manager. He is co-chair of the Veterinary Nurse Initiative and serves as a board member of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, the Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians and the Veterinary Innovation Council.

Kenichiro Yagi, BS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM), shares his favorite hack: You can place a sampling catheter in a patient without needing to place a central line.

By placing an intravenous catheter in a peripheral vessel, the lateral saphenous vein for example, then using an intracath fed through the catheter, you can reach a major vessel that will allow you to obtain accurate samples. This method saves time by not having to place a jugular catheter and still allows for accurate results to be obtained.