Sample script: How to talk to veterinary clients about pet insurance

November 1, 2012

Consider using this script when you talk with your veterinary clients about pet insurance

When you speak to pet owners about pet insurance, remember that your goal is to educate them about a beneficial service for their pets, not sell them insurance, says Dr. Amanda Donnelly, MBA, president of ALD Veterinary Consulting. She offers up this script to open the conversation when pet owners visit your practice.

Note: Practice roles have been assigned in this conversation, but each practice will create its own approach. You may find a practice manager or veterinary assistant fills a role assigned to a receptionist or technician below as you tailor this script for your team.

Receptionist: "Does Fluffy have pet insurance?"


Client: "Yes."

Receptionist: "That's great! Fluffy is very lucky to have an owner who has invested in her long-term care. Please let me know if there's any paperwork you need from us to file Fluffy's claim for the services she receives today."


Client: "No."

Receptionist: "Some of our clients have found pet insurance to be very helpful. I'll alert Jill, our technician, and Dr. Smith, and they can give you more details. It might be a good option to help afford Fluffy's care."

At this point, the technician or veterinary assistant will take up the conversation.

Note: This open-ended question allows pet owners to communicate their thoughts about pet insurance, creating a longer dialogue.

Technician: "Anne at the front desk says she talked to you a bit about pet insurance. Have you investigated pet insurance before?"


Client: "Yes."

Technician: "What did you discover in your investigation?"


Client: "No."

Technician: "Let me tell you about the pet insurance we recommend and how it works."

At this point, it's helpful to offer a brochure for the insurance company you recommend and explain key points. For example, unlike human healthcare, pet owners pay for the medical care up front and receive reimbursement from the insurance company based on the policy they've selected.

Next, the doctor will enter the room for the physical exam. He or she may also mention pet insurance, using phrases such as this:

Veterinarian: "I see Anne and Jill both spoke to you about pet insurance. What other questions do you have about pet insurance?"

At this point, the doctor can respond to any further questions the client poses. He or she can also reinforce the value of pet insurance using success stories from your practice.

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