Review Site Names Best CBD Oils for Pets


The website RAVE Reviews has released its ranking of the best CBD products for pets based on customer reviews, quality, and price.

CBD for Pets

The use of CBD as an adjunct therapy is a rapidly growing trend in human medicine that has most certainly trickled down to veterinary medicine. Providing CBD to animals via balms, treats, and tinctures is said to help alleviate anxiety, reduce seizures, and aid in pain management. And it is not just a small subset of pet owners who are interested in learning more about how CBD products might have a positive impact on companion animals. According to a recent survey, a whopping 92% of veterinarians have been asked by clients about CBD products. Industry forecasters also predict that the use of alternative therapies—such as CBD—will be one of 2019's biggest trends in pet care.

Companies that manufacture CBD products are well aware of these statistics. The CBD market for animals has grown exponentially over the past few years, with new companies regularly launching lines devoted to dogs, cats, and horses.

Even with a plethora of options, safety and dependability are always a concern. This is underscored particularly in veterinary medicine because a majority of veterinarians remain hesitant to discuss or recommend veterinary CBD products for legal reasons because CBD remains a Schedule 1 drug under federal law. This, coupled with the fact that most CBD products are procured online, can make it difficult to separate high-quality products from imposters.


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To help distinguish the best of the best, the website RAVE Reviews has published its ranking of the Best CBD For Dogs (and Other Pets) based on data-driven analysis that includes online reviews and focuses on multiple factors such as quality, price, and company transparency.

The best overall CBD oil for pets comes from Colorado-based 4 Corners Cannabis, according to RAVE Reviews. CBD oil from 4 Corners contains a consistent spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, as affirmed by third-party lab tests. The company also stands out among its competition because it grows its own hemp, enabling complete control over the process from seed to sale. Additionally, the company's pet tincture, Pedigree, excludes limonene, a terpene to which some animals are sensitive.

Ranked just behind 4 Corners is Hemplucid, which RAVE Reviews says offers the best-quality CBD products for animals. Although relatively new to the industry, Hemplucid boasts that it sends every batch of its CBD oil to a third-party lab to ensure that it lives up to the company's standards. Hemplucid also keeps its clientele top of mind by formulating CBD tinctures specifically for the canine and feline palates—fish for cats, chicken for dogs.

When it comes to the best value, RAVE Reviews gives the accolade to Lazarus Naturals, an employee-owned company that "offers organic, Colorado-grown, ethanol-extracted CBD oil at extremely affordable prices—without cutting corners on quality.” Other companies that made the list of best CBD products for pets include:

  • Receptra Naturals
  • Pure Hemp Botanicals
  • Bluebird Botanicals
  • Pet Releaf
  • Kat's Naturals
  • Pure Spectrum
  • NuLeaf Naturals

"We love our pets and that means taking responsibility for their health issues," said Hillary Miller, managing editor at RAVE Reviews. "If making my dog's quality of life better means giving him CBD every day, then I'm game."

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