Results of industry-wide survey on value of technicians discussed at WVC


Banfield and Firstline plan to release study results to the profession soon.

What's the true value of a veterinary technician? To help answer this question, Firstline and Banfield recently partnered to conduct an industry-wide survey of more than 2,000 veterinarians, technicians, and other veterinary team members. The results, which will be covered exclusively here on in the coming weeks, will be used as a jumping-off point for a panel discussion hosted by Banfield this spring.

Firstline Editor Kerry Hillard Johnson, who will participate on the panel, met with Dr. Robert Lester, Banfield's Vice President of University and Professional Relations, during the Western Veterinary Conference to discuss a plan for releasing the results. Lester, who helped organize the study and the upcoming panel discussion, explained why Banfield wanted to address the topic.

"It's apparent that the profession doesn't utilize credentialed technicians as well as it should," Dr. Lester said. "We see the results of the study as a way to identify why some doctors delegate to technicians regularly and others don't."

By analyzing the study results and facilitating an industry discussion, Banfield hopes to encourage veterinarians across the profession to hire more credentialed technicians and better employ their skills within the practice. "Banfield, like any progressive quality practice, wants to deliver great pet care and a great client experience," Dr. Lester said. "We know technicians can help us do this."

The panel, which will take place April 1, will include veterinarians and technicians from various organizations and associations in the industry, as well as out-of-industry representatives. In reaching out to these thought leaders, Banfield is striving to identify and share solutions for getting technicians more involved in both Banfield practices, as well as privately owned veterinary practices throughout the country.


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