Resources to help you and your team connect with cat-owning clients


Put these feline-focused handouts to work for your veterinary clinic today.

Catering to cats, as well as communicating with and educating their owners, is a breeze with these helpful handouts. Download and use them in your practice— and you'll be on your way to achieving improved cat care in no time.

Checklist: 25 ways to increase feline visits to your veterinary practice

If you want more feline patients flocking to your veterinary hospital, see how many of these cat-friendly concepts you can implement in practice.

Practice tool: Feline report card

Fill in the blanks with the information about each client's feline visit with the veterinarian and recommendations for home care.

Client handout: What is good healthcare for cats?

Help clients understand what good healthcare means for their cat—in the veterinary hospital and at home.

Client handout: How to habituate your cat to a carrier

Use this step-by-step guide to educate cat owners about how to help their cats adjust to a cat carrier for trips to the veterinarian.

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