Resolution No. 1? Beat Dr. Google


Dr. Marty Becker says the battle for relevance in pet owners' minds is veterinarians' biggest fight in the next 10 years.

Lose weight. Drink less booze. Travel more. Be a better person.

All admirable resolutions, but we invite you to consider Dr. Marty Becker's answer to our question, "What is the biggest threat to veterinary medicine in the next 10 years?" 

"Once you lose relevance, it's impossible to get back," Becker says. "When someone thinks, 'Who is the true pet expert?' we don't want them thinking the first choice is Dr. Google or Dr. Bing."

Watch below as Dr. Becker shares his worry for the future of veterinary medicine and what he thinks is the No. 1 change you can make to win the hearts and minds of clients and pet owners ...

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