Receptionists: The front line for Fear Free

FirstlineFirstline May/June 2019
Volume 15
Issue 5

As the first person who sees patients in the veterinary clinic you can make a difference.

For a fully integrated Fear Free experience in the veterinary hospital, even receptionists can get in on the act. So says Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Kathryn Primm, DVM. She says you are in a perfect position to pick up on what the pet is indicating.

"The animal is communicating signs of their stress level," Primm says.

Front desk respect:

There is another function that receptionists can perform in terms of interacting with patients: running interference. Primm says you can calm a pet-and make a friend for life-by giving them a treat.

"Getting down on their level and providing them treats that are enticing, or at least distracting for them because they're thinking more about the smell of peanut butter than the sounds of other animals" is a useful tactic, she says.

Check out the video for more. 

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