Rebranding the cat: A short video for veterinary clients from dvm360


Toss outdated myths to the curb with the one cat video your clients need to see.

Cats have gotten a bad rap over the years: as bird-killers, standoffish snobs, fearful under-bed-hiders—and let’s not even talk about the crazy cat lady. But the fortunes of the cat are changing, thanks in no small part to the Internet, and it’s time for a new feline image. You can help “rebrand” the cat with this short video designed with your clients (and potential clients) in mind.

Watch it now, then share it on your practice’s social media feeds and embed it on your website. We purposely left our brand name off, so your audience can focus on what’s most important—the cat.


Follow these instructions to share this YouTube video on social media or ebmed it on your veterinary practice's website:

  • Beneath the bottom right corner of the video player, click the Share button, then choose which social media channels you’d like to use to share the video with clients.
  • Next, select Embed. Customization options will appear below.

  • Click a standard video-player size or type in custom dimensions to fit your Web page.

  • Click inside the embed code box to select the text. Next, copy the text.

  • Open your Web page file, identify where you want the video to appear, and paste the embed text in your HTML code.

  • Save and upload your revised page to your website.


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