Radiographs of the lungs: Beyond the dogma


Focus on medical solutions, not on the naming of lung patterns, veterinary radiology expert says.

Reading radiographs can be tough, and lung radiographs can be even more challenging, according to Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Maria Evola, DVM, MPH, DACVR. This is partly due to what she calls an "entrenched dogma" of learning and identifying lung patterns. Even as a specialist, Dr. Evola says designations like "interstitial," "bronchial" and "alveolar" appear similar and even overlap.

Ultimately, she says, you shouldn't get caught up in the terminology.

"The bottom line is, it doesn't really matter what we call it," she says. "It matters what that means for the patient and how we treat the patient because of what we're calling it."

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A medical diagnosis and course of treatment is what is most important, Dr. Evola says-to the patient, the pet owner and the veterinary medical team.

"That's what we all care about," she says.

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