Qtrac teams up with VCA Animal Hospitals


Qtrac's virtual queuing solution is transforming how VCA Animal Hospitals maximize patient care

Qtrac by Lavi Industries, a provider of virtual queue management and appointment scheduling systems, is partnering with VCA Animal Hospitals, offering veterinary offices the ability to triage all patients so veterinarians can focus on more acute cases. If the hospital is at capacity, Qtrac's virtual queuing solution provides a seamless referral system so animals can be seen at other locations.

Elizaveta / stock.adobe.com

Elizaveta / stock.adobe.com

"Qtrac's virtual queue management system is perfect for veterinary hospitals to help eliminate lobby overcrowding, make patient service more personal and efficient, and improve the patient experience overall," stated Steve Covate, VP of sales for Qtrac, in a company release.1 "Doctors, technicians, and office staff benefit from greater efficiency, safe and dependable service, and a better customer experience."

Now at VCA Animal Hospitals with virtual queuing, crowded lobbies are no longer a thing. Clients can check in their pets remotely for service and inform the hospital of the reason for their visit, (ie, the animal’s symptoms, how long they have had them, etc). Simultaneously, office staff members at network facilities have access to both their own queue dashboard and a centralized referral queue where they can see if they have room to take incoming cases or if they need to refer them elsewhere. The software notifies them via a message to the referring location telling them whether the referral has been accepted or not.1

Qtrac representatives are at the Wild West Vet Show which started yesterday and runs through October 15, 2022, in Reno, Nevada, to display how a virtual queue solution and its benefits for animal hospitals.

"We look forward to connecting with animal healthcare providers to demonstrate how Qtrac's virtual queuing, mobile queuing, and appointment scheduling features can increase the quality of care they provide by improving efficiencies before patients arrive for service," Covate added, in the release.


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