Q&A: Welcome clients on the Web


Our practice's Web site needs updating. What goes into a great site?

The most important thing to do when developing your Web site is to set goals, says Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM, consultant with KG Marketing and Training in Springboro, Ohio. What do you want the site to do for you? Increase awareness of the practice? Improve service? Attract new clients? Perhaps all three. Your practice's Web site authenticates you as a reputable business and should promote your services to current clients and new clients alike. "Your site should make your phone ring and your door swing," Gavzer says.

Once you've identified your goals, determine how you can accomplish them. A smart move is to integrate the Web site into your other marketing plans for the practice. For instance, you could post your practice's newsletter on the site, then send an e-mail to clients highlighting some of the newsletter features and inviting them to visit the Web site to read the rest. On your home page, clients could find the newsletter link as well as links to other information about new services, expanded hours, or other developments. This builds awareness for new services and helps your practice keep in touch with clients. It also makes a good impression on new clients visiting the site for the first time.

Other things to consider: Prominently display your practice's phone number with the area code so clients don't have to search for it. Include a link to driving directions to the hospital. Finally, keep in mind that simple organization, easy navigation, and strong visual appeal will help your Web site go from good to great.

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