Q&A with a keynote: Mariana Pardo, BVSc, MV, DACVECC

San Diego

Learn more about our day 3 keynote speaker, including her journey into veterinary medicine and her pooch’s uncommon cardiac condition

Mariana Pardo, BVSc, MV, DACVECC

Mariana Pardo, BVSc, MV, DACVECC

Mariana Pardo, BVSc, MV, DACVECC, confessed she never saw herself as a veterinarian when she was younger—she’d intended to pursue a singing career. However, her love of biology sparked an interest in veterinary medicine and led her to the path that she is on today. Now, Pardo is the emergency and critical care medical director for Animal Surgical Center in Oceanside, New York, and speaks to veterinary professionals at conferences across the world.

During an interview, she explained to dvm360® the events in her life that landed her where she is today and what she hopes attendees take away from her keynote address “Hocus Pocus! Integrating Ultrasound in Your Day-to-Day Practice.”

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am a proud Latina! I am from Chile and went to veterinary school there. I came to the States hoping to pursue emergency and critical care specialization. I have a love for miniature schnauzers, and my puppy Lily had a very uncommon cardiac condition called a double chamber right ventricle and received cardiac surgery when she was 6 months old. This was the first of its kind in the United States. They performed a cutting balloon valvuloplasty, where they basically cut her heart from the inside out! She has been doing great since and is now 6 years old.

What inspired you to pursue a career in veterinary medicine?

I actually never thought of becoming a veterinarian growing up—I wanted to be a singer. I had an interest in biology and medicine and decided to try veterinary medicine. It wasn’t until I failed my first year of veterinary school and was kicked out of school that I realized how much I love veterinary medicine. It took a lot to be allowed back in, and I took advantage of that opportunity and have been 100% focused on my career since [then].

What do you hope attendees will take away from your keynote address?

I hope the attendees take home practical ultrasound skills that they can start using immediately in their clinics.

What was one of the most rewarding accomplishments in your career?

By far the moment I became boarded. I left my family, my country, and everything I knew to...pursue this dream. I felt incredibly fulfilled the moment I knew I had finally made it.

Are you looking forward to attending certain lectures or seeing particular speakers?

All of the speakers at Fetch are always spectacular. I have met amazing friends at this conference, and [I] can’t wait to see their lectures and spend time with these amazing human beings.

What do you love most about emergency medicine?

Everything! The different cases, being there for distraught families, saving lives, and, sometimes, being the person to offer relief and a dignified goodbye.

If you could lecture anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

[There are so] many options! I have an upcoming trip to India to lecture, and I’m super excited, [not only] because of the culture and the food, but also [because of] the opportunity to share my knowledge with other communities and learn about the different ways we do things.

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