Protect pups from predators with this spiky vest


Veterinary clients with small dogs often have to look out for coyotes and birds of prey. This vest can help give them peace of mind.

Image courtesy of CoyoteVest.

CoyoteVest is made in the United States with a combination of materials that creates a stab-resistant vest that can withstand canine teeth. It is designed to help protect the areas of a pet that are usually targeted by predators-the neck and back-while being easy for pet owners to put on and remove. It comes with a full set of removable chrome spikes that are made of hard plastic. They're safe to handle, but with enough pressure are sharp enough to cause pain. Velcro closure makes the spikes easily removable when not in use.

The CoyoteVest has an adjustable waist belt and collar so it can accommodate dogs of a variety of shapes and sizes, and also has a D-ring to connect a leash to. The vest is also waterproof and has reflective areas that can make pets more visible at night. For more information visit

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