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Variable Loupes

Just like a zoom lens on a camera, the Variable Loupes from LW Scientific allow the user to work close up with higher magnification, or far away with lower magnification and a wider field, as well as for diopter adjustments between left and right eyes. The Loupes feature ergonomic, lightweight sport frames, as well as high-resolution, scratch-resistant, anti-glare glass optics. Using loupes reduces eyestrain and fatigue and improves quality and patient care.

M250 LED Microscope

This high-quality microscope features the rugged construction needed for a mobile or large animal practice. The sealed optics, anti-fungal coating and battery-operated cordless lighting have been designed for field use.

Tele-View TV-200V Wireless Digital Video Otoscope

This updated video otoscope includes brighter and whiter LEDs as well as improved wireless transmission. The TV-200V video otoscope is designed specifically for veterinary practitioners.

Practice Optimizer

Practice Optimizer Animal Health from Sikka Software is a software system that includes a fee optimizer, an insurance rating system, profit-and-loss analysis and marketing ROI. It can send daily, weekly and monthly reports straight to veterinary practices.

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