PRODUCT NEWS: Nocita Now Labeled for Declaw Surgery Pain Relief

August 6, 2018
American Veterinarian Staff

Nocita is now approved to provide up to 72 hours of pain relief for cats following onychectomy.

Aratana received FDA approval for Nocita (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) in August 2016 as pain relief for canine patients following cranial cruciate ligament surgery. On Friday, the label was expanded to include postoperative pain relief for up to 72 hours for cats undergoing onychectomy.

“We believe veterinarians are in need of safe and effective, non-opioid alternatives to provide pain relief to their feline and canine patients,” Aratana Chief Development Officer Ernst Heinen, DVM, PhD, said.


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Nocita should be much more widely adopted in cats once the company is able to manufacture the product in smaller, 10-mL vials. According to Aratana CEO Steven St. Peter, MD, manufacturing of these smaller vials is slated for fall 2019.

The company is also hoping to expand the label indication for Nocita to include additional surgical procedures in dogs and cats. "As we continue to see sequential growth, we do believe that there is significant potential in the Nocita franchise," Dr. St. Peter said.

For full prescribing information, visit the Aratana website.