Preventing heartworm in your patients


In recognition of Heartworm Awareness Month, learn more about the label extension for Revolution Plus

Earlier this year, Zoetis announced that its product selamectin and sarolaner topical solution (Revolution Plus) was approved for a label extension by the FDA. The extension of the label also includes control and treatment of tick infestations called by the Ambylomma Americanum, also known as the Lone Star Tick.1

Revolution Plus is ideal for any feline patients that live in a higher-risk tick area, heavy flea infestations, or a feline patient suffering from flea allergy dermatitis, and a cat over 16 pounds. Revolution Plus also differs from regular Revolution because it has the dual action formula of selamectin and sarolaner instead of just selamectin. The product will also protect pets for 35 days to help prevent confusion and gaps for pet owners because their pet is protected for over a month.2

A recent study conducted in Japan, funded by Zoetis and performed by both current and former Zoetis employees, set out to determine the efficiency of the products. Ninety-one cats were enrolled in the study, and each received at least 2 treatments with selamectin plus sarolaner.3 One of the cats did not return for their scheduled visit on Day 180 and 2 cats on Day 240 also failed to appear to their visit. The data from those days and the visits prior were therefore missing. Based on the remaining 87 cats that completed the 450-day study, the researchers determined that the combination of selamectin plus sarolaner was 100% effective in the prevention of heartworm diseases in the cats.3

During an interview with dvm360 at the 2024 Veterinary Meeting & Expo in Orlando, Florida, Casey Locklear, DVM, US Medical Lead, Feline Strategy and Parasiticides, Zoetis, explained what the label extension means for veterinary professionals and pet parents, plus what it can protect your patients from.

The following is a partial transcript of the video.

Casey Locklear, DVM: The beauty of Revolution Plus [is that] this is a simple to apply, once a month topical solution that protects your feline patients against the important and potentially fatal heartworm disease, fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms.

And the new news on Revolution Plus that we're so excited about is that cats can now be protected against 4 types of ticks. So very recently, Revolution Plus just celebrated adding the Lone Star tick to the label. So now cats can be protected against the Gulf Coast tick, the Americans Dog tick, the Blacklegged tick, and the Lone Star tick all with one simple to apply product.

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