Presentation Recap: Do your clients know the 10 signs of sickness in cats?


Teach cat owners how to recognize subtle signs of feline illness.

Signs of illness may be not readily apparent in cats, says Susan Little, DVM, DABVP. Speaking at the CVC in Washington D.C., Dr. Little urged practitioners to educate their clients about subtle signs of illness in their cats. Dr. Little says that one reason cats are not being brought in for veterinary visits as often as they should be is that pet owners don't always know their cats are sick.

Clients should look for these 10 subtle signs of sickness in their cats:

  • Inappropriate elimination

  • Changes in interaction

  • Changes in activity

  • Changes in sleeping habits

  • Changes in food and water consumption

  • Unexplained weight loss or gain

  • Changes in grooming

  • Signs of stress

  • Changes in vocalization

  • Bad breath

Educating owners about the subtle signs of sickness in cats can lead to more frequent veterinary visits as well as to better communication and more timely diagnosis and treatment, says Dr. Little.

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