Precision Pharmacy and Wickliffe Veterinary Pharmacy join forces


Together the 2 entities make the nation's largest equine-focused compounding pharmacy

Precision Pharmacy and Wickliffe Veterinary Pharmacy, 2 leading equine compounding providers, have finalized a merger agreement.

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New Africa /

The 2 businesses boast 40 years of combined industry experience and anticipate the merger will allow further investments in research and development, (eg, upgrades to technology offerings so customers can better navigate an evolving regulatory environment).

"Our merger with Precision Pharmacy accelerates and expands our ability to offer veterinarians the increasingly specialized pharmaceutical services they need," said Jackie Bernard, founder of Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals, in a company release.1 "Precision Pharmacy has built a reputation for operating an outstanding quality, testing and research program. We're thrilled to expand our team with like-minded professionals to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality products."

The new combined entity aims to see a substantial improvement in meeting veterinarian needs as the regulatory environment shifts with the anticipated April launch of the FDA's GFI 256 guidance.

"The Wickliffe team has been on the cutting edge of pharmacy technology in recent years," said Patrick Wade, founder of Precision Pharmacy, in the release. "The digitization of their pharmacy enables them to serve their customers quickly, while simultaneously increasing the quality and safety of their compounds. We are excited to bring this technology to our facility, and are looking forward to launching additional solutions to our customers as a combined company in early 2023."1


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