Practitioners: Delegate to your technicians and supercharge your effectiveness in the clinic


This DVM says "the veterinary nurse is a sister profession"and a critical part of the veterinary healthcare team.

If you've seen video comments from Dr. Matthew Brunke, Dr. Eli Cohen and others, it's probably becoming clear: Veterinarians hold their technicians in high esteem and rely on their talents to keep the day in motion. Here, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Robin Downing, DVM, MS, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP, CCRP, echoes the sentiment. She believes veterinary nurses-the term she prefers-are pivotal members of the clinic staff.


"There are three things that only veterinarians can do legally-all the rest of veterinary healthcare can and should be performed by veterinary nurses," she says.

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Seems like that might free up some time and mental headroom for doctors, doesn't it? Dr. Downing says that's exactly the point.

"When I as a veterinarian rely on and delegate to my veterinary nurses, I'm really enhancing my abilities as a veterinarian by amplifying what I'm able to do, and for how many patients I'm able to do those things," she says.

Watch the video to hear more from Dr. Robin Downing.

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