Practice management hacks: Advice to a new manager on how to manage staff and be a successful boss


VHMA members spill their best-kept secrets for successful staff management.

Editor's note: The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) shared exclusive data with us, and we're thrilled to bring you this series of practice management "hacks" or best-kept secrets from VHMA members. Check out the links below for more from the VHMA.

VHMA members were asked: If you had to give advice to a new manager in a single, one-line statement, what advice would you give regarding staff management? What is your best-kept secret or what has made the biggest impact on your staff?


Not there yet? It's cool. Celebrated CVC speaker and resident drama-diminishing expert Shawn McVey, MA, MSW has tips for what to do when bickering gets out of hand in your practice and a sample script to confront coworkers sans drama.



Let's be clear: Two can communicate, but three's a crowd. Learn how to cooperate intuitively and be direct with larger groups with these tips.



No one enjoys confrontation, but it's the things we don't say that can hurt the practice's health in the long run. Here are 4 signs your practice suffers from constipated communication. Yup, we said it. editors can attest: Emotional intelligence training REALLY works. Want to tune up the emotional gears in your veterinary practice? It's not hard. What's hard is grinding through your days.



Don't let fear of failure or change stand in the way of your practice's success. Get everyone on board by building a stronger sense of purpose-use these tips.

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