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SolidSource Corp. introduces the PracticeVeterinary system, a Web-based business management system.

SolidSource Corp. introduces the PracticeVeterinary system, a Web-basedbusiness management system. The system integrates all practice informationwith the practice's profit and loss accounting, enabling veterinarians todeliver higher quality care, manage resources, reduce costs, improve productivityand drive operational effectiveness efficiently and effectively, the companysays.

The PracticeVeterinary system is accessed over the Internet usinga Web browser. PracticeVeterinary is an integrated suite of patient-centric,enterprise-wide application software providing all key features requiredby a veterinary practice. It features a multi-doctor appointment/surgeryschedule, payroll and timeclock, billing and accounting, analysis and reports,medical records, inventory control, prescriptions, diagnostics and treatment,boarding, multimedia, electronic collaboration (e-mail, netmeeting, videoconferencing etc.), and role-based security, the company says.

This real-timeintegration of practice client and patient information with up to the secondbusiness financial data gives management the ability to generate real timefinancial data automatically transformed into decision facilitating chartsand graphs depicting the practice data arrayed against productivity normsfor the profession, the company says. Privacy and security of practice datais a key feature of the system. Data is stored at two separate and highlysecure physical locations offering complete protection against fire, earthquakesand power outage. Redundancy and failure protection are built-in. The highestcommercially possible security has been built into the system includingsophisticated 128-bit encryption and role-based authentication and credentialingmechanisms previously used only in sophisticated on-line banking systems,the company says.

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