Practice Act's major bullet points


The act as a whole applies only to veterinarians and veterinary technicians

The act as a whole applies only to veterinarians and veterinary technicians

  • Section 40-69-270 provides a legal bridge from veterinary medicine to other therapies, where none exist today, but does not prohibit consumers from taking their pets to practitioners in other professions.

  • Section 40-69-190 provides better public openness in the board of veterinary medical examiners' disciplinary proceedings against veterinarians.

  • Section 40-69-20 clarifies the definitions for supervision of temporary licensees and interns, as well as includes a definition for therapeutic options or alternative therapies.

  • Section 40-69-10 adds a veterinary technician to the board of examiners.

  • Section 40-69-120 increases the maximum fine for disciplinary actions from $500 to $2,000, providing the board "teeth" for consumer protection.

  • Sections 40-69-240 through 40-69-260 require 60-day internships for new license applicants to provide "real world experience" before practicing on their own, for the protection of consumers.

  • Section 40-69-260 also streamlines the S.C. licensing procedure for a veterinarian duly licensed and in good standing in another state.

  • Section 40-69-270 allows veterinary students to work with licensed veterinarians through a preceptor program without the necessity of obtaining an intern permit.

  • Sections 40-69-280 and 40-69-285 consolidate and adopt language in various areas of the code dealing with abandonment of animals.

  • Sections 40-69-290 sets a standard for advertising and qualifying as an emergency facility.

  • Section 40-69-295 requires a mobile facility to have a permanent base of operations, providing clients a means of contact to make appointments or respond to emergency situations resulting from an adverse reaction to services.

- Information provided by

H. Kelley Jones, executive director,

South Carolina Association of Veterinarians

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