Pounce on therapy laser profits

December 7, 2016
Roger Zinn, CVPM

Want to stay relevant to the market (and earn at least $7,800 more a year)? It's time to diversify your services.

Alternative medicine is on the rise, and incorporating these practices into our hospitals boosts revenue and offers clients a broader range of options for alternative pet care. 

Introducing therapeutic laser therapy as an alternative or supportive treatment for various ailments provides the opportunity to tap into this market of specialized care. It's an investment that pays for itself quickly if you launch and market it appropriately.

At Animal Medical Center of the Village in Houston, Texas, we decided to bring in a therapy laser earlier this year. The key: recognizing all the areas of potential and incorporating laser therapy into the standards of care of your practices.

When to use it

Consider these treatment capabilities with laser therapy:

> a variety of injuries

> wounds

> inflammation

> neurologic conditions

> dermatologic problems

> osteoarthritis

> pain.

We see these conditions daily, providing the perfect opportunities to incorporate laser therapy. In our experience it's been fast and effective, and it's a painless treatment that we believe offers proven clinical results with minimal time involvement.

How it helps your practice grow

The benefits:

> returning clients who've have noted a difference in their pets

> the opportunity to attract new clients who seek alternative care therapies

> the chance to set your practice apart from your competitors

> an increase in your practice's profitability.

A great place to start

Add laser therapy to all your surgical procedures as a standard of care-not as an option. This gets your team members comfortable using the laser, and you'll see a faster return on investment.

Consider this example:


The next step

Establish additional uses with medical therapies, such as wellness and senior wellness plans, patients with ongoing arthritic concerns, various skin issues and so on. Creating single use therapy options or packages for ongoing cases will only increase your profitability, and you'll see a faster return on investment.

Our hospital implemented the surgical increase and added various packages in January 2016, increasing our revenue by 1.5 percent (or almost $25,000 in profit from laser therapy) within the past year alone. The laser paid for itself within the first year.

You, your team, your clients and their pets will be beaming with the results from the practicality of adding laser to your practice. You'll see medical benefits from both ends of the leash, and your practice will enjoy the financial boost that comes with this helpful service.

Roger Zinn, CVPM, is the Hospital Administrator of Animal Medical Center of the Village in Houston, Texas.