Posts and tweets about socialization in dogs

December 5, 2017

You know how important good behavior is for dogs and puppies, even though your veterinary clients might not. What better way to bring it up than social media?


You're wanting to teach new and current dog owners about the life-long benefits of socialization, and what better way than to do it through social sites? Pick a few of these ready-made tweets and Facebook messages, and post them periodically on your clinic's social media network. 


Post 1: Proper socialization during a puppy's critical developmental period, which ends by 16 weeks, is the most important part of a behavioral wellness program. Socialization should begin as soon as possible. Come talk to us to find out more!

Post 2: Picking the perfect place to socialize your new puppy is tricky. Here are some great places you can take your fur baby to get some early socialization. (Here's the handout link to attach to this post.)

Post 3: Any significant incident can create fear responses in dogs at any age, which means your dog's socialization skills aren't set in stone. You should always be aware of your dog's environment and interactions. Make an appointment with us to talk about resocialization!

Post 4: Your dog might be cool as a cucumber most of the time, but no breed is immune to developing fearful responses. This is why socialization in your dog is so important. We can help.


Tweet 1: “I socialized my dog when he was 6 weeks old. He should be good for the rest of his life, right?” Wrong. Fear responses can creep up on a dog at any time in his life. Schedule a visit with us to find out more.

Tweet 2: “Princess is a collie, and collies have the best temperament. No socialization needed!” No breed is immune to developing fearful responses. This is why socialization is so important for your dog, no matter the temperament. Let's talk socialization today-call and schedule an appointment.

Tweet 3: Improper socialization (or no socialization) can lead to fearfulness in your dog as well as an inability to cope with change in an environment. Let's work together to make sure that doesn't happen.

Tweet 4: Need to run some errands? Here's a list of great places to take your puppy for some early socialization. (Here's the link to the handout to attach to this post.)

Tweet 5: Let's get social outside of social media. Schedule a visit with us to talk about socialization with your dog or new puppy.