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Real fulfillment for a beloved pet is more than food, water and shelter. Today's veterinarians like you are helping loving pet owners create home environments of curiosity, challenge and socializing for cats, dogs and more. Share the wealth with your own clients with these sample Facebook posts and tweets.

No, this dog is NOT asking for some iPad time at home. He's clearly indicating your veterinary practice needs to do more to tell his owner about the cool toys and activities he could get into every day. (

The dvm360, Firstline and Vetted teams had a ton of fun exploring the next frontier of pet health-the world of enrichment, looking at the psychological and behavioral needs of the world's pets. If you're fired up about this too, you'll want to read every bit of coverage here, then and you'll want to share some or all of these sample Facebook posts and tweets for your best clients in social media. #WeLoveEnrichment

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Is your older pet showing signs of cognitive decline: disorientation, house soiling, apathy, aimless wandering or increased anxiety? Pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical supplements can help, but also try:

> Offering food toys or puzzles that encourage manipulating the device to receive food.

> Hiding food pieces around the house to simulate searching behavior.

> Taking dogs on outdoor walks to provide some aerobic exercise and sensory exposure; in physically debilitated animals, a pet stroller or car rides can provide the sensory experience.

> Ensuring there is vertical space for cats both indoors and outdoors to help foster activity and provide safe places in a multicat household.

> Spending a few minutes each day on reward-based basic obedience or simple trick training-a great method for mental stimulation and appropriate social interaction, especially in less mobile animals.

If your aging pets don't seem like their normal selves, try one or more of those enrichment ideas and come see us. #OldAgeIsntACurse #WeLoveEnrichment

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A happier, more fulfilled pet is a healthier pet.

Did you know cats and dogs can get bored with the same ol' same ol' when it comes to toys? Leave a few toys out at a time, and rotate toys every couple of days.

Wanna know what toys and activities we recommend? Come see us! #WeLoveEnrichment

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A happier, more fulfilled pet is a healthier pet.

Did you know some studies show that animals prefer to hunt for food, instead of just plopping down in front of a bowl? Your cat likes to hunt! Your dog loves to think! Try out one of the food puzzles, toys or feeding systems we recommend to see a bored fur friend perk up at meal time. #WeLoveEnrichment

Post 4

A happier, more fulfilled pet is a healthier pet.

That goes for your beloved exotics too! What does a bored pet look like?

> Birds scream, pick at their feathers and self-mutilate. They begin to vocalize a lot to try to find other birds.

> Sugar gliders are very social and will chew on themselves in self-mutilation.

> Rabbits groom themselves excessively, to the point of pulling out their hair.

> Reptiles become depressed and lethargic and won't want to interact or eat.

> Hamsters ball up and sleep all the time.

> Ferrets need to run around or they'll lie around and sleep and eat and will become overweight.

Come see us for suggestions on ways to spruce up your exotic pet's environment. #WeLoveEnrichment


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Is your pet bored? Provide new food toys and puzzles to get them thinking and playing. See us for recommendations! #WeLoveEnrichment

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Is your pet bored? Walk dogs for exercise, sensory exposure. Give cats outdoor time w/ fencing, screens. Ask us how! #WeLoveEnrichment

Tweet 3

Is your dog bored? Spend a few minutes/day on reward-based obedience or tricks for mental stimulation. Ask us more! #WeLoveEnrichment

Tweet 4

Is your cat bored? Offer a vertical space with a view of outside activity to help foster activity. Ask us about it! #WeLoveEnrichment

Tweet 5

Kitties don't share well. Make sure every cat you own has access to food, water, litter boxes, etc. Ask us for more info! #WeLoveEnrichment

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