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Your clients probably dont know about low thyroid hormones, even thought they could be seeing the signs. These social media posts can help.

Photo: Shutterstock.comAre you wanting to teach your dog owners about the clinical signs and health issues that can be related to hypothyroidism in their pets? Pick a few of these ready-made tweets and Facebook messages, and post them periodically on your clinic's social media network. Though they're brief, they might be the start of a life-saving conversation with a client.

Facebook posts

Post 1

Is your dog acting lazier than usual? Suddenly gaining weight? Losing her hair? When a dog doesn't have enough circulating thyroid hormone (a disease called hypothyroidism), she may gain weight, lose her hair or have frequent skin problems. See us if you're concerned! We can help.

Post 2

If your dog is showing signs related to low thyroid hormone, we can diagnose the problem with a good physical exam and a blood test. The good news is that this disease (hypothyroidism) is usually treatable with a once-a-day supplement.

Post 3

Are you seeing any of these signs in your dog?

> Inactivity

> Lethargy

> Generalized weakness

> Mental dullness

> Unexplained weight gain

> Hair loss or poor hair growth

> Excessive shedding

> Dry or lusterless coat

> Excessive scaling

> Frequent skin infections

> Intolerance to cold

It could mean he doesn't have enough thyroid hormone. If you notice any of these signs, schedule an appointment for your dog with us. We can identify the problem and help your dog feel better.

Post 4

Did you know? Here are the purebred dogs that are most likely to develop hypothyroidism (abnormally low levels of thyroid hormone):

> Golden retrievers

> Doberman pinschers

> Dachshunds

> Shetland sheepdogs

> Irish setters

> Airedales

> Cocker spaniels

Our clinic is always vigilant to watch for hypothyroidism in our patients. That's why it's good for your pet to visit us every 6 months. Schedule an appointment today.


Tweet 1

Is your dog suddenly lazy? Gaining weight? Losing hair? Scaly skin? Bring her in for an exam. Could be a thyroid issue. Let us help. 

Tweet 2

We know they're fluffy, not fat. But maybe it's not just middle-age spread. Dog gaining lbs? Lethargic? Bring him for an exam; we can help. 

Tweet 3

Did you know low thyroid is treatable? If you think your dog has it, come to us. We can pinpoint the trouble and prescribe a supplement.

Tweet 4

Treating a low-thyroid dog is a commitment, but it's not all that hard. We're here to help manage your best friend's condition for life. 

Tweet 5

You'd feel lousy too if YOU had low thyroid. Is your dog tired, gaining weight, or shedding a lot? We'll check her out and ease your mind. 

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