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Having guests during the holidays? Watch your pets to make sure they don’t sneak out the door while company comes in:


Table scraps may seem like a fun way to include a pet in the holiday, but many foods are poisonous to pets including onions, garlic, raisins and grapes. See more holiday pet hazards here:

Want to keep your pets safe during the holidays? Go to to see all the holiday hazards your pet could encounter.


Making some sweet holiday treats? Don’t forget that Baker’s chocolate is EXTREMELY dangerous for pets! Cutting calories? Find out which artificial sweetener is deadly for dogs here:

Does your holiday meal include onions? Those can be poisonous to your pets. Get holiday pet safety facts here:


Spending time with your in-laws during the holidays can be taxing for your pets too. If your pet is shy or excitable, have them stay in another room or in a crate with a favorite toy so they’re out of the frenzy and feel safe. Check out for more holiday tips.

House guests can be scary for pets. Read how to keep them safe and comfortable during the holidays here:


Want to treat your pet to a holiday snack? Skip the potentially poisonous table scraps and buy them a treat made especially for them. Click here for more holiday pet tips:

Want to keep your pets safe during the holidays? Check out this list of holiday hazards for your four-legged friends:


Decorating your holiday meal with flowers? Keep them up and away from pets because some flowers can result in stomach upset or worse. Read more here:

When planning for the holidays, don’t forget your pet! Keep them safe with these holiday tips:


Make the holidays count this year. One way you can do that is to make sure your four-legged friends are safe. Check out a list of holiday pet hazards here:

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