Pharmacia Animal Health develops program on pet care


Veterinarians have a new tool to guide owners in caring for their pets.

Veterinarians have a new tool to guide owners in caring for their pets.It's called Help Educate Animal Lovers (HEAL), an owner-focused companionanimal wellness and education program on oral disease and the dermatologicalhealth of pets. Developed by Pharmacia Animal Health, the HEAL program istailored to veterinarians, allowing them to supply the resources and toolsnecessary to promote awareness and build knowledge among clients on diseases,treatment options and preventive tactics. "We are dedicated to improvingthe quality of life for pets by partnering with veterinarians to bettereducate pet owners," says Julia Stephanus, the company's global marketingdirector in companion animal health. The initial segment of HEAL includesveterinary companion kits filled with medication administration tips, diseaseawareness information, educational videos and educational content for usein newsletters or Web sites. The kits also are designed to make sure ownersare using proper treatment methods to achieve top-notch results, Stephanussays. "After a veterinarian prescribes a treatment program, we knowthat owner compliance is critical to the success of the therapy," shesays. "That's why HEAL includes information to be given to owners withexplanations in simple language on how to properly administer the product,as well as other care guidelines." The initial segment of HEAL includesveterinarian companion kits filled with: o Medication administration tipsand guidelines; o Disease awareness information; o Pet owner educationalvideo; and, o Educational content for use in clinic newsletters or Web sites.

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