Pfizer introduces Zeniquin for cats


Pfizer Animal Health's Zeniquin (marbofloxacin) is now approved for treating skin and soft-tissue infection in cats.

Pfizer Animal Health's Zeniquin® (marbofloxacin) is now approvedfor treating skin and soft-tissue infection in cats.

A member of the fluoroquinolone class of drugs, Zeniquin was first approvedfor use in dogs in 1999 for the treatment of skin and soft tissue infectionsand urinary tract infections. The claim follows a treatment of skin andsoft tissue infections in cats at a dose of 1.25 to 2.5mg/lb. of body weight,the company says.

"Zeniquin represents a powerful therapeutic resource for feline practitionersseeking a safe and effective antimicrobial," says Dr. Sharon Campbell,manager of veterinary operations for Pfizer Animal Health, which developsthe drug for veterinary use. "In cats as well as dogs, Zeniquin achieveshigh plasma concentrations. It also achieves high, effective tissue concentrationsin the skin and urine, the major sites of infection."

As with all flouroquinolones, Zeniquin is not recommended for use in immaturecats or dogs during the rapid growth phase, or in cats or dogs known tobe hypersensitive to fluoroquinolones. During clinical studies, the mostcommon adverse reactions observed were decreased activity, loss of appetite,vomiting and diarrhea, the company says. Zeniquin is available in 25-, 50-,100- and 200-mg scored, coated tablets.

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