PetWellClinic completes 5-unit deal for South Florida franchise expansion


Expands access to an affordable and convenient healthcare experience for pets and pet owners

PetWellClinic, a US pet-wellness franchise brand, is expanding its South Florida presence, particularly in Fort Myers, with the signing of its newest 5-unit franchise agreement. This deal was completed by Edward Pike, an expert franchisee from the retail realm focused on staking a claim with the "emerging concept to benefit his home and neighboring communities."1

According to a company release,1 Pike spent years living in the UK, operating as a franchisee with CeX, a second-hand goods chain specializing in technology, computing, video games, DVDs, and beyond He chose to leave the business and return home to the United States to help raise his family and had the goal that once his kids were old enough, he would return to the franchise space. This moment came in tandem with the pandemic taking hold of the global economy in 2020.

"The retail market was getting tougher and tougher to compete in, especially with the likes of Amazon and other such brands dicing up the sector. Which is why I chose to change course from that background this time around," stated Pike, in the release. "PetWellClinic offered not only the chance to impart a positive impact on families in my neck of the woods, but to lead a lucrative endeavor that requires minimal overhead."1

Throughout the next 5 to 6 years, the 5 clinics will start to open. Pike is assured the demand for the company’s unique customer experience will continue to grow as the pet wellness market further faces increasing wait times, rising costs, and inaccessibility. PetWellClinic helps address pet parents’ needs to put their pets’ health first, just like their own.

The walk-in clinics will offer convenient preventative care for pets including general check-ups, vaccinations, and treatment of minor ailments and chronic ailments. PetWellClinic provides an affordable, easily accessible healthcare experience for pets and pet owners.1


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