PetSmart Veterinary Services empowers veterinarians to open practices inside PetSmart stores


Through the launch of PVS, veterinarians can open a franchised practice within the retail store

Image courtesy of PetSmart.

Image courtesy of PetSmart.

PetSmart has launched PetSmart Veterinary Services (PVS), an independent franchise ownership opportunity for veterinarians looking for a space to set up their own practice. PVS also will connect pet parents with local, trusted veterinarians and convenient hospital locations within PetSmart stores.

PetSmart reported in a company release1 that it has seen a decrease in individually owned veterinary medical practices at a record pace across the country. The company believes that as the industry consolidates, many veterinarians are being out-priced and out-positioned in the market.

With PVS, PetSmart aims to make owning an independent practice for veterinarians through this franchise significantly less expensive than starting a new practice on their own. Through PVS, veterinarians can receive support from a team of industry experts, as well as benefit from the built-in foot traffic of the PetSmart store location.

PVS will provide each practice owner with built-in resources for marketing, information technology, construction, training, reporting, and ongoing consultation.1

"With the PVS independent ownership model, we can bring our size, capabilities and expertise as the leading pet retailer to support veterinarians seeking the independence and rewards of owning a practice,” J.K. Symancyk, president and chief execvutive officer of PetSmart, said in the release.

“These efforts will provide critical veterinary care to the rising number of pets and pet parents and is an important part of our growth strategy to give our customers all the products, services, solutions and care they need within one location,” Symancyk added.1

Every PVS hospital will be required to maintain American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation.

"We are committed to assisting and supporting these independent veterinarians through the AAHA accreditation process," said Jenifer Bruns, DVM, MPVM, vice president of vet business development for PetSmart. "This designation is one of the highest honors a practice can receive and represents a sense of pride for veterinarians to highlight their dedication to medical excellence and their patients."1


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