PetSmart Charities kicks off its National Adoption Week


From March 6-12, PetSmart locations across the United States will host adoption events



When it comes to pet adoptions in shelters and rescues, often pets with chronic illnesses, physical differences, or behavioral needs are often left behind as others around them get adopted. To help these pets, and all others without a family, find their forever homes, PetSmart Charites will host adoption events during its National Adoption Week from March 6-12, 2023.

During the week, potential pet parents will be able to interact with adoptable pets from animal welfare organizations within select PetSmart stores to spend time with cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies in safe and spacious areas. Volunteers and other staff members will answer questions and ensure those interested in the adoptable pets can take care of them.

"National Adoption Week is an ideal opportunity to give a shelter pet what they need most—people to love," said Heidi Marston, director of pet placement at PetSmart Charities.1 "Many shelters across the country are full, and pets of all kinds are waiting longer today for their families. I've always been drawn to pets with special needs because they have so much to teach us much. These resilient pets have a different way of connecting with people and that bond is often like nothing you've ever experienced before."

According to the release, PetSmart Charities National Adoption Week hits very close to home for Marston. She was touring a shelter for her role at PetSmart Charities when she met Gatsby, a 6-year-old blind and deaf Great Dane mix. Originally planning to take a video and send it to a friend who was looking to adopt a pet, Marston showed her partner where they decided Gatsby had a forever home with them.

Because of her experience, Marston recommends these tips for any interested pet parents1:

  • Talk to adoption representatives about pets with specific needs to see if you have the power to help them thrive.
  • Be honest with what you and your home have to offer, and it is okay if you do not find the perfect pet the first time.
  • Keep an open mind, especially with those who need a little extra care.

Those who are interested in helping but are not ready to welcome a pet home, visit the PetSmart Charities website to donate.


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