Pets and Vets: 438th Medical Detachment from Colorado opens veterinary clinic in Kandahar, Afghanistan


Plus more animal health state by state.

The 438th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Service) from Fort Carson, Colo., opened Afghanistan's first veterinary treatment facility at Kandahar Airfield Dec. 15. The facility will treat both military and contracting working dogs throughout Regional Command-South.

Members of the 438th Medical Detachment from Fort Carson, Colo., celebrated the opening of Afghanistan’s first veterinary treatment facility at Kandahar Airfield with a ribbon- cutting event. PHOTOS COURTESY OF U.S. ARMY

"The working dog is a force multiplier that provides services and protection to our war fighters that is unmatched by any U.S. military equipment," said Capt. Paul Key, executive officer, 438th MDVS, in a release on the U.S. Army website. "These dogs do not volunteer to serve like the rest of us, yet they are some of the most faithful, reliable and loving soldiers out there. With the completion of this building, we will be that much more capable of caring for these amazing dogs."

Also in Colorado, veterinary clinics in Fort Collins are on high alert after eight clinics have been the victims of break-ins since September 2012. The latest burglary was at South Mesa Vet Hospital. The hooded suspect wastes little time going straight for cash, not drugs, as witnessed in surveillance video.


The now Congressman Ted Yoho, DVM, was sworn in as a freshman to the 113th Congress January 3. He represents Florida's third Congressional District. "I came to Congress for a cause—not a job," Yoho said in a release the day he was sworn in. "I came here to make a difference and to stand up for what is right for America—not a political party. The gridlock in Washington is killing the American Republic. The people that I represent have had enough." A longtime large animal veterinarian, Yoho won his seat with a conservative Republican platform and endorsements from U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin of Alaska.


The small town of Wellington, Kan., enacted a new statute banning more than four cats per household. City code states no person or household shall own or harbor more than four cats of more than six months of age or more than one litter of kittens. It is the same limit the town has on dog ownership. Despite criticism online from cat lovers, other municipalities have enacted such laws in an effort to prevent animal hoarding and to protect public health. According to the city website, more felines can be kept with a kenneling license, but the licenses cannot be obtained in most residentially zoned districts.


Veterinarians in Ohio may now be required to complete one hour of continuing education on human trafficking. A task force appointed by Gov. John Kasich to curb human trafficking in the state recommended that all state-licensed individuals be educated on the issue. The recommendations of the task force are still pending; some licensees may be exempted. The hour on human trafficking would not be in addition to the 30 hours already required.

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