PetDx launches new multi-cancer screening test for dogs

dvm360dvm360 July 2021
Volume 57

OncoK9 offers new cancer-detection capabilities enabling veterinarians to provide the highest quality of care to their canine patients.

PetDx—a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to unleashing the power of genomics to improve pet health—released its newest innovative product, OncoK9, a novel multi-cancer early detection test that helps veterinarians detect cancer in dogs earlier by using a simple blood draw.

“Our team at PetDx is thrilled to bring the latest scientific advances from human cancer genomics to the animal health arena. We have deployed significant efforts over the past 2 years in developing and validating OncoK9 to address a massive unmet need in the veterinary space,” says Daniel Grosu, MD, MBA, founder and CEO of PetDx, in a company release.

OncoK9 uses routine blood drawing without the need for prior fasting or sample processing. Once collected, the sample is shipped overnight at ambient temperature to PetDx’s laboratory. Upon arrival, the sample undergoes processing by using propriety methods optimized for canine cell-free DNA analysis. A digital report is then issued to the veterinarian who sent the sample, indicating if a cancer signal was detected or not.

Additionally, PetDx conducted a clinical research program in veterinary cancer diagnostics which included blood samples from nearly 1,600 client-owned dogs.1 577 of those dogs were then evaluated in the CANDiD (CANcer Detection in Dogs) study for clinical validation of OncoK9. The results showed that OncoK9 demonstrated robust clinical performance with strong cancer detection rates and very low false positives.1

“In the future, we envision offering the test for additional use cases, including minimal residual disease detection, recurrence, and treatment response monitoring, and targeted treatment selection, greatly expanding the veterinarian’s toolbox for the management of cancer in dogs,” says Andi Flory, DVM, DACVIM, Chief Medical Officer of PetDx and board-certified veterinary oncologist in the release.

PetDx recommends OncoK9 as an annual screening test for dogs that are 8 years or older and/or belong to breeds that are highly predisposed to cancer. The test is available by prescription only and serves as an aid for diagnosing dogs suspected of cancer after clinical findings or signs.

To learn more about PetDx and OncoK9, go here.


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