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Are your clientsnot your patientsthe ones suffering from separation anxiety? The PetChatz two-way videophone lets them interact with their pet anytime, anywhere.

"Mom, don't be mad, but I ate all of your shoes. K, bye!" (Images courtesy of PetChatz)Gone are the days when Lassie would have to expend precious time and energy running to the nearest humans to let them know that little Timmy had fallen in the well (again). This is the 21st century. Now, Lassie can use PetChatz HD to bark out a briefing of the sensitive situation via videophone.

PetChatz HD is a two-way videophone that allows pet owners to remotely interact with their pets from their smartphones, tablets and computers. In addition to being able to see, hear and speak to pets, owners can deliver treats (PetChatz Treatz) and a soothing scent (PetChatz Scentz) via the device. PetChatz is also equipped with sound and motion detection, and pet owners can set up alerts so they know when their pets are active. They can record and share videos of their pets, as well.

The PetChatz device features a chew-resistant surface and has no corners, edges or electrical cords. It mounts directly over an outlet and is secured with a screw to a wall stud.

PetChatz recently developed a new add-on feature, the PawCall button, which allows pets to initiate the videophone conversation, and provides training advice for both humans and pets.

As with most technology, however, there is a price to pay. Younger pets will need to brace themselves for the undoubted barrage of exaggerated memories from their elders-“In my day, we had to go a bazillion hours without seeing our owners or getting treats…”

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