Pet owners must be reachable when pets are under anesthesia

September 21, 2018

This veterinary technician recommends keeping open lines of communication when you might need the go-ahead for dental procedures.

Dental procedures can be serious and costly measures for which you may need a client's express authorization. Add to this the fact that a patient may be under anesthesia, and you have the makings of a touchy situation.

This is why Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Candice Hoerner, CVT, VTS (dentistry), makes it clear to pet owners that they need to be available when an examination is happening.

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"I blatantly tell them, if your pet needs extractions or oral surgery and I can't get a hold of you, I will wake your patient up with those procedures not done," she says.

Hoerner reveals that because of her staff's commitment to this tactic, that rarely happens. She also notes that her clinic's anesthesia form contains a disclaimer empowering the veterinary team to proceed with such treatments.

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