Pet insurance resource is providing free education services for over 300,000 veterinary clients


Pawlicy Advisor is offering customized digital tools, team training sessions and other tools to veterinarians and practices

Throughout the pandemic, veterinarians have seen a surge in client appointments and team burnout while more pet owners face difficulties affording emergency pet care. Pet insurance marketplace Pawlicy Advisor is aiding veterinarians by providing free client education on insurance, wellness, and financing, and offering unlimited access to customized digital tools, according to a company press release.

Using guidance from members of VetPartners, a nonprofit association dedicated to serving the veterinary profession, Pawlicy Advisor is helping to fill a critical gap in practice management for veterinary teams who want clients to learn about pet insurance but are strapped for time and don’t know the nuances of how insurance may or may not cover their needs. Since the start of 2021, busy veterinary practices across the country have been teamed up with Pawlicy Advisor to help more than 300,000 clients better understand how pet insurance can help make pet care more affordable. Veterinary teams can use Pawlicy Advisor to teach clients about pet insurance and help them compare options side-by-side including wellness plans and financing solutions like CareCredit.

"Simplified, education solutions are essential for today's busy veterinary practices," said Debbie Boone, BS, CVPM, VetPartners member, in the Pawlicy Advisor release. "Pawlicy Advisor has created a good solution to a real problem. Pet insurance is becoming more and more complex, so it's important for vet teams to be able to simplify the conversation and educate pet owners easily."

Established as a personalized, data-driven comparison site for pet insurance policies in 2018, Pawlicy Advisor is resource for pet parents and veterinarians seeking the right financial protection to care for animals throughout their lifetime. Additionally, the recent inclusion of CareCredit as a financing option provides pet parents with the most comprehensive set of financial solutions on the market, so that veterinary teams can teach clients via a free, all-in-one education tool to plan more easily for the long-term care pets deserve.

“As we looked to help more pet parents give their pets the best possible care, we knew that veterinary professionals should be at the forefront of our unique approach,” said Woody Mawhinney, Pawlicy Advisor CEO and cofounder, in the company’s release. “The response from the veterinary community has been incredible and we’re making a massive impact for busy vet teams in terms of time saved, reduced liability, and seeing more patients with financial protection.”

Veterinarians, practice managers, and veterinary technicians who visit and are looking for an easier way to educate more clients about planning for long-term pet care can schedule a virtual lunch-and-learn. A team training session is 15 minutes and, if approved, streamlined client education can be immediately delivered. Veterinary teams can select from print or digital materials—or both—for free.


Veterinary practices team up with Pawlicy Advisor to teach over 300,000 clients about pet insurance, for free. News release. Pawlicy Advisor. March 1, 2022. Accessed March 1, 2022.

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