Pet Honesty debuts Multivitamin Puppy


Includes DHA to promote brain health and addresses pet parents' need for proactive support for puppies

Pet Honesty has released Multivitamin Puppy, a natural pet health supplement that offers daily essential nutrients a puppy needs during its formative age of 4-12 months which include significant growth, behavioral training, and socialization.

Photo courtesy of Pet Honesty.

Photo courtesy of Pet Honesty.

The soft chews are flavorful and offer a high level of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the omega-3 fatty acid key to a puppy's cognitive brain development and is sustainably sourced from marine algae. Other essential nutrients include beta-carotene, probiotics, omega-3s, and antioxidants together to help a puppy build up immunity strength and receive support for brain health, eye health, gut health, joint health, and skin health.

"DHA is popularly known for its scientifically proven role in supporting babies' and toddlers' cognitive brain development for positive early learning and memory outcomes. A similar benefit is shown for a puppy's brain function and trainability within a couple of veterinary scientific studies involving high DHA levels," said Greg Reinhart, PhD, vice president of research and development at Pet Honesty, in a company release.1

"Our new puppy multivitamin offers a high level of 40 milligrams DHA that acts as an insurance policy to achieve a safe optimal level of DHA when coupled with nutritional puppy foods that deliver moderate levels of DHA, and ultimately aides in a puppy's brain health development and trainability," he added.

Current pet parents look for products that offer proactive support for their puppy’s health, as they would with a baby. Nutritional brain health support for puppies is particularly important because it can be difficult for a puppy to receive optimal DHA from diet alone or from other supplements lacking in this ingredient.

Pet Honesty’s Multivitamin Puppy formula offers nutrients from sought-after natural ingredients and premium active ingredients. One soft chew is recommended daily for a 10-pound puppy and features delicious Hickory Bacon flavor. What’s more, the chews are free from artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and formulated without wheat, soy or corn.

Pet Honesty's Multivitamin Puppy can be found on Pet Honesty’s website plus Amazon and Chewy.


Pet Honesty launches Multivitamin Puppy to support puppies' formative months of growth and training, featuring DHA for brain health support. News release. Pet Honesty. January 3, 2023. Accessed January 4, 2023.

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