Pet enrichment: More than just distractions


Listen to these Fetch dvm360 conference speakers and help your clients help their pets.

Though keeping pets entertained is one aspect of the broad concept of enrichment, it's also necessary to keep them physically and emotionally at ease. Hear our experts share ways to keep pets in the comfort zone.

Cat enrichment-Go vertical!

You know how cats are: Not being understood is kind of their thing, right? But Fetch dvm360 conference speaker John Ciribassi, DVM, DACVB, can clear up at least one thing. With cats, it's more like "give me my space" than "stay off my turf."

"Cats are different than dogs in that they don't necessarily guard territory--they have personal space that they'd like to maintain," he says.

This means if they have someplace to go, they'll be more comfortable. And in the absense of endless square footage, he says that expanding options vertically with perches or shelving is a good option. Click the video for more.

Enrichment in action

Environmental enhancement is a very powerful endeavor, according to Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, DABVP (feline practice). Here she shares the tale of a patient with Pandora syndrome who, once he had his own "apartment," took a turn for the better.

More on Pandora syndrome

Want a happy story? A tale of a successful outcome.

Diagnosis: Look outside the urinary tract-as well as in the cat's environment.

"Once he was able to get into his space, he stopped doing all the behaviors that the client found so objectionable, and he became a really happy cat," she says. That's an enrichment win. Watch the video to learn more about what got this kitty on the right track.

Dig into pet enrichment

Dr. John Ciribassi says the back yard is no babysitter.

Environmental enrichment key to friskier felines.

Pet enrichment: Tech is trending

If you're looking for the next fancy thing, a true bells and whistles approach to pet engagment, you can count on Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Ernie Ward, DVM, to bring the tech. What's he into these days?

"I am a big fan of any type of in-home monitoring device ... I love the new bilateral cameras that allow you to talk to your pet," he says.

Click on the video to get his full take on all things techy.

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