Pet care company expands its offerings with online pharmacy and teletriage


Heart + Paw has partnered with Wedgewood and Pet Vet Connection

Image courtesy of Heart + Paw and Business Wire.

Image courtesy of Heart + Paw and Business Wire.

Established in 2018, Heart + Paw provides comprehensive veterinary services, offering routine wellness, dental care, radiology, surgeries, grooming, and daycare, all delivered with a low-stress approach for pets. With 28 locations across 10 states, Heart + Paw is introducing 2 new client services through partnerships: an online pharmacy through Wedgewood's Blue Rabbit platform, and an after-hours teletriage service via Pet Vet Connection.1

Following the launch of their pet portal and mobile app in Fall 2023, Heart + Paw introduced the new addition to their services through the development of its partnership with Wedgewood’s Blue Rabbit platform. The Pharmacy provides a single point of contact for all pet health needs, including prescriptions, preventatives, and diets, while also simplifying the process of ordering pet prescriptions.1

"Heart + Paw's partnership with Wedgewood’s Blue Rabbit platform to create an online, single-source pharmacy is a game-changer for pet parents and for the industry," said Dave Lasus, CEO of Heart + Paw, in a news release.1 "We understand the busy schedule of the modern pet parent, and we want to make continuity of care as simple and seamless as possible. Pharmacy allows for that, as well as providing a lower-stress experience for our veterinarians and center teams, who often spend a great deal of time each day sending prescriptions to third-party pharmacies. It's an embodiment of our commitment to delivering exceptional care in the most convenient and compassionate way possible."

The internal portal for veterinarians at Heart + Paw streamlines workflows, enabling quicker prescription turnaround for pets in need of their medications. Veterinary care teams can benefit from the easy and effective management, allowing them to monitor patients’ medications for better continuity of care and review medication history. Automated text messages and email communications keep pet parents updated on the status of their pets’ prescriptions and medications, from approval to refills. With all of a pet’s prescriptions and information in one place, it’s convenient for pet parents to log in and order what they need, with the option to set monthly medications like flea and tick preventatives to autoship with a discount. Heart + Paw’s custom-built app, already a convenient way for pet parents to access their pets’ records, now also facilitates seamless re-ordering of prescriptions.1

In addition to now offering an online pharmacy, Heart + Paw will also offer teletriage services at select locations and will allow pet parents to determine if their ill or injured pet can safely wait for an appointment once their Heart + Paw center is open, or if emergency care is needed. Through the support of a partnership with Pet Vet Connection, Heart + Paw is also extending its hours at 14 locations with 24/7 access to licensed veterinarians.1

"Our new teletriage service allows for the safe, appropriate, and timely assessment and management of animal patients via electronic consultation with their owners," said George Melillo, VMD, cofounder and chief veterinary officer of Heart + Paw. "Our goal is to make safe decisions regarding a patient’s health and disposition under conditions of uncertainty and urgency. This service not only expands access to care after hours, but also helps pet parents avoid unnecessary emergency visits and costs and ensures that pets are seen by their primary care partner in a familiar, low-stress setting."1


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