Perk up those ears! Otitis tips ahead.


Derm doc Darin Dell has some quick tips for this tough-to-manage condition.

Identifying the underlying cause of otitis externa can be difficult, right? It can be a lengthy, frustrating process for you, your team, your client and of course, for the poor pet. 

Darin Dell, DVM, DACVD, has a system, though, which he discussed during a session at a recent CVC. Called PSPP-which stands for primary, secondary, predisposing and perpetuating-it can help you work through the potential causes of otitis and make it a little easier to discuss with your clients. Here's a breakdown.

Primary = things that cause disease in a normal ear (things like allergy, autoimmune disease and parasites, among others)

Secondary = things that cause disease in an abnormal ear (bacteria, yeast, fungi, medication reactions, overcleaning)

Predisposing = factors that are present prior to otitis but cannot by themselves cause otitis (conformation, excess moisture, obstruction, systemic disease and treatment effects)

Perpetuating = factors that occur as a result of the otitis and increase the likelihood of another infection (excess cerumen production, altered epithelial migration, edema of the ear canel, rupture of the tympanic membrane and otitis media)

Now that we see your ears have perked up, listen in for three great tips from Dr. Dell-live!

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