The "perfect practice manager" checklist

January 2, 2018

If you can answer affirmatively to all 10 questions, you just might be perfect. If not, we have some reading suggestions that can help you make some valuable tweaks to your life and your veterinary clinic.

The perfect practice manager doesn't exis- ... OK, we stand corrected. (

Click on the image above to read other articles in this leadership challenge package.While we have no doubt you're good at what you do, we have a hunch you're not perfect. (It's OK. We aren't either.)

Go through the checklist below. If you can answer “Check!” to the question, move along (and heartily pat yourself on the back). If you answer, “Oof” don't let an opportunity to improve your life and the lives of those around you pass you by. We know change can be hard, so use our reading suggestions as a place to start.




1.) Does your clinic have a solid social media plan?



Check out our page loaded with articles of all things social media (including ideas for posts):


2.) Do you know how to give meaningful and useful constructive criticism?



Learn what this is-and isn't:


3.) Does your team feel appreciated?



Read how this star practice manager rewards and celebrates her team:



4.) Have you mastered work-life balance?



We have tons of articles devoted to this goal:


5.) Are your team meetings organized and well worth everyone's time?



We promise these ideas for better meetings are worth your time:


6.) Is your facility in tiptop shape?



Here are three steps to increase curb appeal:


7.) Do you have a flawless employee review process?



Implement more effective reviews with this guide:


8.) Are your productivity levels off the charts?



Here's a formula for getting more stuff done better:


9.) Are you afraid to look at your clinic's bank balance?



Financial management? There's a page full of articles for that:



10.) Does your team handle conflict well?



Crack the conflict code:


If you “Oof” a lot more than you “Check!” there's no shame in that-unless, of course, you do nothing about it.