Paw Prosper acquires brands and becomes one-stop destination for pet aging


Portfolio of products ensure pets remain healthy, recover quickly, and age well

Paw Prosper, a suite of preventative, supportive and rehabilitative veterinary-recommended products for pet health and wellness based out of Denver, Colorado, recently acquired pet brands Help ‘Em Up, FitPaws, Muffin’s Halo and Respond Systems.

According to a company release,1 Help ‘Em Up is a full body harness for dog mobility while FitPaws is a canine physical training and rehabilitation platform. Muffin’s Halo is a patent-protected, navigational product for visually-impaired dogs, and Respond Systems is a laser and magnetic therapy system for animal recovery. The Paw Prosper brand offers all 4 brands under its consumer umbrella and wholesale platform.

“Paw Prosper was born out of the idea that all pets deserve to experience exceptional quality of life at any age,” said Ryan DeCaire, CEO of Paw Prosper, in the release. “Keeping pets at their healthiest relies on them having access to the best products and tools for every stage of their lives, regardless of the challenges they may face.”

“From blindness to injury rehabilitation to neurological support, there is a solution under the Paw Prosper umbrella to address the need efficiently and effectively,” he said. “We have learned so much coming into the pet industry regarding what veterinarians and pet owners alike want and need to keep pets happy and healthy throughout their lives. We are determined to continue innovating based on these learnings and serve the pet community with powerful and proven solutions to dramatically better pets’ health and wellbeing.”

Paw Prosper will continue to headquarter its business in Denver, with offices in Branford, Connecticut, Toronto, Ontario, and Almelo, Netherlands.


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